Celebrity Makeup Artist Tampa

Makeup artist Tampa

celebrity Makeup artist Tampa

Bosso is a place where the magic happens with her  secret airbrush makeup technique.
How many times have you thought what it would be like to have your makeup done like a celebrity? Under Kimberley Bosso’s brush, famous celebrity makeup artist, you get flawless and gorgeous looking skin you only see on the glossy pages of fashion magazines and TV.

Kimberley Bosso is the most sought after celebrity makeup in Hollywood, and now she and her team are your makeup artists in Tampa.

Get expertly beautified to perfection

Bosso specializes in red carpet, bridal, special occasions, makeup lessons, and professional makeup training. Kimberley Bosso and team uses makeup techniques that delivers results of luminous skin seen on the red carpets of Hollywood celebrities. We believe in creating makeup that looks natural and a part of your skin. No cake face here!

You’ll be glowing in makeup perfection with Kimberley Bosso in Tampa, Florida. Look your best in person, in photographs, or any special occasion.

Your Wedding makeup artist in Tampa

What does a bride expect on her wedding day?

Every eye should be on her, admiring her beauty. Her makeup should look breathtakingly sexy, yet natural, and an enhanced version of herself. She should expect to look radiant in her photos as well as her picture perfect bridal party. This is where Kimberley Bosso comes in to deliver stunning results as your bridal makeup artist.

Using her one of a kind airbrush formula and elite skills, our celebrity makeup artist in Tampa can create an exquisite makeup on your wedding day. With experience as rich as Kimberley Bosso’s, you can rest assured that your wedding makeup will be the most beautiful thing on your wedding day. Choose our wedding makeup artist in Tampa to look your most elegant and gorgeous.

Whether you want to look special for couple of hours or all day long, our expert makeup artist can create the perfect look for you.

Call us at (310) 415-4885 to schedule a trial and to discuss particulars including rates.